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Check out John's music in the Emmy Nominated, MEGA hit Netflix series - "Love is Blind".


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Shot of a Modern Music Record Studio Control Desk with Computer Screen show User Interface

Shared with permission

L  I B E R T Y   D R U M S



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An internationally recognized composer, arranger, music producer, drummer and author, John has been involved in the professional music scene for over a decade. In the course of his career John has worked hand in hand with award winning/nominated (Emmy, Grammy, Juno, Dove) composers, songwriters and music producers who have topped the Billboards and who've collaborated with the most elite artists and leaders in entertainment, including: Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kelly Clarkson, LeAnn Rimes, Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg, Disney and many, many others.


John's work has been featured in films, trailers, television, ad-campaigns and large stage productions in a range of territories from the United States to the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, India and more.

His work has appeared in Modern Drummer, the world's number one drum magazine, been selected in top film festivals across the world and has even crossed over into the fashion industry with André Phillipe.



It is a pleasure working with John Stanley. John has an amazing ability to craft huge orchestral arrangements in surprisingly short timeframes. John’s work is always precise, high quality and extremely dynamic. Having worked with Hans Zimmer, I can say with the utmost confidence that John is well on his way to establishing his own sound and making his own place in The Who’s Who of composers!


Stevie Wonder and many, many more...

                  TREVOR LAWRENCE JR.

Grammy Award Winning Producer/Songwriter/Composer

Kanye West, Hans Zimmer, Dr. Dre, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder and many, many more...

Trevor Lawrence Jr.

…this orchestration that you’ve composed, it was really spectacular to create too. Your score is filled with depth, stunningly beautiful and moving which is everything I look for in a piece.

                    LYNNE WAGGONER-PATTON​

Owner & Director | The Silhouettes, Inc.

Golden Buzzer Act America's Got Talent The Champions 2020

1st Runner-UpAmerica's Got Talent Season 6

Lynne Waggoner-Patton
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